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It all started when...

Several pounds of frozen fish thawed out and there was no other choice but to Fry it up! That's how Chef El-Amin was born three (3) decades ago!

Yusef El-Amin, founder and Executive Chef, was once a frozen fish distributor.  One day the freezer broke, and he had 2 choices: throw it out ...... or feed the community. By choosing the latter, what could have been a loss of money, quickly turned into a business.

After frying up the thawed out fish and inviting the community to the now legendary, "Friday Fish Fry" - the public wanted more!  Soon after, Chef Yusef El-Amin and his siblings launched a brick and mortar restaurant in New Rochelle, New York.  

The business operated for over 10 years and was the go-to place for authentic, fresh, delicious, home-cooked soul food. Chef El-Amin grew to include social and corporate catering + events. 

Fast forward to present day, we are excited to bring our beloved staples to the mass market by with our fresh prepared, pre-packaged Soulful Heat&Eat sides and entrees, and distributing to your local retail stores!

Since 1985, we've served double portions of love and excellent service to metropolitan New York, Westchester, Long Island, New Jersey & Connecticut.

Thank you for continued loving support - we could not have done it without YOU!

Chef El-Amin & Family